Cornered by the glass wash by a large, dominating man in his sixties, who according to Beardybarman, is substantially loaded.

“My friend would like to talk to you. He’s seen you, and likes what he sees.”

“Does he? Well that’s lovely. But I’m very busy, thank-you.”

“I don’t think you understand. I want you to come over and talk to him for two minutes, okay?”

“Well, erm, no, thanks. I don’t really want to, and I’m working right now.”

“You really don’t understand. I know people here.”

“Yes. So do I. I work here, and therefore.. know them.”

“Just for two minutes. Alright? What’s the problem with that?”

“The problem is your beers.”

“My beers?”

“Yes. I’m taking them away. Such a shame. Thank-you.”

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